Goddess Erryn Hex

When You Enter My Chambers


Whether they've seen a Pro Domme before or not, everyone who enters My chambers for the first time are always nervous. I love that nervous energy. I feed off of it. It instantly paints Me as the dominant as I guide and comfort you before the real session begins...


First you'll knock on the dungeon door, then you'll be let inside to a vast premises filled with all kinds of curious devices. Your eyes will go wide as you try to take everything in, discreetly trying to catch a glimpse of everything whilst still paying attention to Me. I'll ask you to take a seat, ensuring that you're already obeying Me and submitting in your smallest of actions. You will be given information about the dungeon and the session, and you'll listen intently.

Your mind will race as you try to determine what equipment I'll use on you. Will it be the flogger? Will I strap you down tight on the bondage bed? Maybe I'll suspend you with rope from the suspension frame... But I won't tell you, of course. I'll sit back and let your imagination run wild. I would hate to ruin the element of surprise.

Your heart will beat faster than it ever has done before as your nervous excitement kicks in, making your cock twitch a little. 

That's what I truly love.

Although each submissive is different and each will react differently, all have the same process.

How will you react? Book a session and let's find out...


Posted on 5th November 2018

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