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Contact Protocol


From now onwards I will have new booking protocol in place. Following it means that I'll be a happy Mistress, and as a loyal mutt that's all you should be aspiring to do


Contact Form

The best way to enquire about cooking a session with Me is by using the contact form on this website. It provides all the information I need. It means I can easily assess whether I'd like to accept your booking and contact you appropriately.



Again, email is one of My preferred contact methods. However, if you choose to email Me regarding a session then make sure that you provide as much detail as possible. I hate sending across multiple emails to riddle out what a sub wants, so from now on if there isn't sufficient information given in the first 1-2 emails I will be ignoring these requests.


Telephone Call

This is where subs can't seem to grasp that I only take telephone calls through AdultWork's voicemail service. Leave a brief message with your details as well as a contact email address or mobile number for an SMS (text) message and I will respond to your enquiry ASAP. Please note that I will not return your call so be prepared for an email or text from Goddess.


Session Line - for on the day confirmation

If you have booked a session with Me, I will now only accept confirmation of attendance through a phone call. The number you call will be the same as My AdultWork number above, and you will be expected to call between 8am-9am on the day of your session. After telephone confirmation has been given you will receive a text with further instructions, such as the dungeon's address etc. 


Posted on 24th September 2018

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