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What I Look For In A Bull


As a Cuckoldress, I am very selective of the bulls I choose to take on. They need to truly understand the dynamic, enjoy it, and of course be able to meet My needs! If they can't satisfy Me then there's no use keeping them around if they tick all the other boxes...

1. Honesty

This is one of the most important traits when considering a bull. Cuckolding relies on transparency and communication from all parties. If he is in a relationship but cheating in order to fuck Me, I don't want him. If he's having unprotected sex with other women and not telling Me, I don't want him. If he's only after something short term or a one time thing, he needs to be open about that. Bulls have an impact on more than one person, so if they aren't honest from the start it can cause a lot of hurt further down the line.


2. He should be assertive

I don't enjoy being dominated (in the bedroom or otherwise) but My ideal bull will still be assertive. I love having rough, primal sex with a true Alpha male. If he needs to be told what to do and when, it isn't going to work. I may as well have two cucks or subs in the dynamic.


3. He should be well endowed

This sounds like a no brainer, right? You'd be surprised at how many men have approached Me claiming to be bulls, or claiming to have 'big' dicks. I want length and thickness in a bull, after all, that's one of the driving factors for the cuck's arousal. He sits watching his Queen get fucked by a huge dick whilst knowing his can never compare.


4. He should be physically fit

Similar to above, but My bull should be physically fit. Often within this dynamic cucks tend not to be in as good shape at their Queen's bull which adds to the humiliation. She is craving and fucking another man because she doesn't get it from her cuck! He doesn't have to be a gym addict with rippling muscles or a six pack, but someone who is in good shape and takes their health seriously is a must for Me.


5. He should understand My schedule

As a professional full time Dominatrix, My schedule can often be challenging. I can spend all day at the dungeon and just want to relax when I get home, or I might spend the evening doing some extra work. My bull needs to understand that I will not always be available and that My plans may change at short notice.  Patience and understanding go a long way...


What would you say your top 5 traits are when looking for a bull?


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Posted on 2nd September 2020

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