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Fetish Friday: Small Penis Humiliation


What is small penis humiliation?

Small penis humiliation (or SPH) is pretty self explanatory. It involves humiliating a man because of how little his penis is. I particularly love this fetish because it’s humiliation in one of it’s rawest forms as you’re making the sub feel inadequate about something he cannot change and has no control over. You are literally telling them that they’re not good enough simply because of the size of their penis, reducing them to almost an object.


Surprising misconceptions

After five years of domination I’ve found that the majority of men who want to engage in SPH do have what would be considered a small dick. But there are exceptions to the rule! There are some who want SPH who have average or even above average sized penises. They still want to be told that they’re tiny because it hurts their ego, which they like, or because they get off on the idea that you consider it small… And they can imagine all the men with huge dicks that you’re interested in.


My favourite things about SPH

I love combining SPH with other fetishes like cuckolding, forced bi, and even chastity. Telling men that you’re going to sleep with men who have much bigger cocks, because his is tiny, adds to the utter humiliation you can make him feel. The same goes for forced bi as you can liken his tiny cock to a clit and compare him to a girl, making him fantasise about sucking other mens’ dicks or taking it in his ass. With chastity you can simply tell him that you’re going to lock him up forever because it’s so useless and so tiny that it can never hope to pleasure you… The possibilities are endless!


What do you like best about small penis humiliation?


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Posted on 23rd June 2020

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