Goddess Erryn Hex

The New Boy


It's always the same story with new subs that come to visit Me in the dungeon: they're so nervous, shaking, stuttering speech... Yet they always leave changed men, enchanted by the worlds of BDSM and Goddess Erryn.


Around a year ago I had a first time client who was particularly new to real time BDSM, though W/we had previously had online sessions together. He received his instructions on what to do once he arrived at the dungeon and he turned up promptly, knocking quietly on the dungeon door. I left My tools of torture on the slave bed as I walked over to the door, opening it and giving him the full view of the Goddess I am. I was wearing a tight, black, knee length PVC dress that gave an excellent view of My cleavage. His eyes immediately went there, of course. I smirked and invited him into the dungeon, directing him to the velvet sofa but not giving him permission to sit down.

Once I'd gotten Myself suitably comfortable on the sofa, I instructed him to sit down. He was visibly nervous like all the rest, but I quickly put him at ease with O/our quick discussion before any play began. I knew what fun would be had based on the items I'd looked out, which included floggers, a cane, a pinwheel, and a blindfold. He was going to receive some very debaucherous fun at the hands of Goddess! 

Once he was strapped down to the spanking bench I beat his virgin ass until it was red raw. He tasted the flooger, the cane, and even a wooden paddle. He took it all extremely well for Goddess and was rewarded by having a pinwheel jabbed into his little cock! By the end of the session he was My very own little pain slut and was rewarded by having Goddess sit on his face. Can you imagine? Having Me perch over you as My aromas fill your nostrils, enchanting you, making that cock twitch... It would be heaven for you, wouldn't it?

Oh, how I love new boys!


Posted on 8th August 2018

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