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Burnout is very real. While everyone experiences it at some point in their life, sex workers may feel it even more so. I find that during Summer months burnout hits Me hard...


From about May through to August My sales and dungeon bookings start dropping off. People go on vacation, the schools are off, and (usually) the weather is a little bit nicer. So it makes sense for less people to be purchasing fetish content. This is why it's a crucial part of sex work to budget for this and save throughout the year, as you may see your earnings drop by as much as half!

Summer is the time of year where I experience the most amount of burnout. That feeling of I won't make much money on webcam anyway so what's the point in sitting there for four hours really kicks in, and it seems like everyone who contacts Me for a dungeon session during this period is a total timewaster. It can sometimes be a real struggle to get up, get ready and film, or even to put phone lines back on in the evening when you've already been online for six hours... With little to no calls.

It's hard not to blame yourself for what's happening, because after all, you are the product essentially. You start wondering what you're doing wrong and if you should just quit the industry entirely, and negative thoughts are constantly swimming around in your head. It's hard to feel like people are still interested in you sometimes - last week, for example, I reduced My OnlyFans by 50% and no one joined. If people can't spend $8 on Me, why should I expect them to spend $15.99?

What you have to remember is that it's not you. Slow Summers happen every year and it's, unfortunately, part and parcel of sex work. Things will (and do) pick back up around the end of August, but you can't stop hustling. Make financially savvy decisions to make sure you aren't stuck the next time things are slow. When you're feeling burnt out, take some time to self care and maybe even brainstorm other ideas of how to generate income.


Goodluck out there.

Goddess Erryn


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Posted on 22nd August 2019

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