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How-To: Slut Safely


Let's face it, sex is fun. It's lots of fun! But if you're going to be having lots of it, you need to know (and remember) how to keep yourself safe. If you don't there can be some quite serious consequences.


Condoms condoms condoms

Regardless of whether you or your partner are on birth control, condoms can be used to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you're having sex with multiple people, I cannot stress how important it is for you to be having safe sex. Not just for your own sake, but for the others who you are involving in your sex life.


Regular testing

Despite what some people might think, going for regular STI tests is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it shows that you take your health and the health of your partners seriously. Most towns have sexual health clinics with drop in practices in place so that you can visit at a time that suits you, but you can also make an appointment to be tested at a specific time. GP practices also offer testing if you ask your doctor, do it the next time you're there! There are even services that offer at home testing kits, so there is no excuse for not getting yourself tested.

NHS guidelines recommend being routinely tested once a year, or after every new partner. Remember that a lot of STIs are symptomless, so if you've been with your partner for a long time there is still a good reason to be checked! It's not just your genitalia that can be tested too, anal and oral tests can - and should- be done as STIs can affect these areas also.



As someone who has been in an open relationship, communication about your sexual exploits can be vital. If you're planning on having sex with several people, make sure that they are all aware of that. They may want to take extra precautions knowing that, or put some rules in place. Similarly, if you've ever had an STI, or you are diagnosed with one, you must make sure to contact your recent partners so that they can get themselves checked out. Don't leave them to find out on their own - it could have awful, long-term complications!


Have fun and be safe, sluts!


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Posted on 24th July 2019


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