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5 Reasons to try Chastity


Wanting to try chastity but need an extra nudge? Don't worry, thousands of men love it, and I've managed to come up with five reasons why that may be!


1. Have a happier relationship

It doesn't matter whether you hand your keys over to your wife, your long-term partner, or even your Mistress - handing over the keys to your manhood is a gesture of trust. Not only that, but willingly putting yourself into chastity shows loyalty and commitment, and that's something that every woman values!


2. Have better sex

Yup, it's true. Being locked up will (obviously) drastically reduce the amount of times you'll be able to masturbate. As some of you will know, men tend to get less verile as they get older, and some need a few days to 'recover' enough to have sex if they've masturbated! Locking yourself in chastity will take away the temptation to pleasure yourself, making sex even more special. You can bet that your orgasm will be amazing, too...


3. It feels good carrying around a secret

A lot of men in chastity have told Me how thrilling it feels to walk around living their normal, daily lives whilst knowing they have a dirty little secret beneath their trousers... You'll always be wondering whether people can see it through your clothes, making for an interesting day at the office!


4. Become less selfish

Since you'll be locked up, there won't be much opportunity for you to masturbate or have sex, so instead you should use that time to become a less selfish lover. Take the opportunity to find out what your partner really loves in bed and then make it happen. Get in practice using your fingers and tongue and you'll reap the rewards. After all, the more you give, the more you get.


5. Get more done

Considering you won't be spending pointless hours in front of a computer watching porn, you'll have more time to be productive. You could go to the gym, power through some housework, cook a healthy meal, or even do a couple of hours overtime at work.


Ready to take the plunge? Lock yourself away now...

Call Goddess and discuss chastity with Her...


Goddess Erryn 


Posted on 24th July 2019

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