Goddess Erryn Hex

Seeking Good Little Cucks


Ever dreamed about serving a Mistress and Her boyfriend who loves flexing his Alpha muscles? Keep reading...


Up until a few weeks ago, My boyfriend and I had an obedient cuck who catered to our every whim. He sent tribute, he payed the bill for our dates, he worshipped us both... And then he vanished off the face of the earth. He desperately needs replacing, two Alphas cannot be left waiting like this!

As our cuck you will be expected to do all or some of the following depending on our arrangement:

  • Tribute £50 per week or £200 per month. This is non-negotiable
  • Cover the cost of our dates, which may range from a simple pizza to an elaborate dinner at our favourite restaurant 
  • Show a vested interest in our cuckold content, engaging with it and sharing the promos online where possible
  • You will worship Goddess first, but making Her man happy makes Her happy. You will understand this
  • Cover our gaming memberships that we play together, which comes to a total of £13.98 per month
  • Buy lingerie for Goddess to wear for Her man


In return you will get:

  • One pair of cuckold panties or one 30 minute cuckold Kik session each month
  • You will receive cuckold clips and photos on a weekly basis
  • You will receive one joint dick rating
  • 25% off OnlyFans for 1 month or 25% off Snapchat for 1 month


What are you waiting for? Come be our good little cuck bitch...


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 18th July 2019

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