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Preparing to Session with Goddess Erryn


Seeing a Dominatrix for the first time, or a new Domme, can be a nerve wracking experience. Here are some tips to help you get started!

So you've paid your deposit and are eagerly awaiting the day of your booking... Now what?

1. Plan your journey

Seeing Me at the dungeon is an appointment like any other vanilla one, and I expect it to be treated as such. The sooner you plan your journey, the easier it can be to settle a big chunk of those nerves. Whilst the specific address of the dungeon won't be released until after you confirm your attendance on the day, you can still plan using the postcode: EH7 (Leith Walk/Elm Row/Easter Road/London Road area). If you're coming by car you can use JustPark to find, pay for and reserve parking spaces. Parking in Edinburgh can indeed be a nightmare but the dungeon has both free and metered parking surrounding it.

Luckily Edinburgh has a great bus network that makes getting to the dungeon fairly easy. Bus numbers 1, 19, 34 and 44 are all available from Princes Street and have stops near the dungeon. If you need to check other routes or bus times, the Lothian Buses website has a useful journey planner.

Maison de Debauch is easy to get to via train, too. The closest station is Edinburgh Waverley with trains running regularly from Fife, Glasgow and beyond. You can then walk down to the dungeon which will take around 15 minutes, or jump on a bus. There are always several taxis waiting outside the station as well.


2. Prepare your mind

Preparing yourself mentally can be a large part of BDSM. If you don't know much about Me as a dominant or aren't sure of My Domme style, I'd suggest buying a couple of My clips, booking in for a short cam session, or calling one of My phone lines. One of the biggest fears My clients have is the unknown - not knowing what to expect from Me as a dominant. Checking out My online content will certainly help put your mind at ease in that respect.


3. Prepare your body

This is much more important than a lot of clients realise! I want the best possible session for both of us but if you're physically unable to submit properly, we will have a problem. Make sure you get a good nights sleep before our session - BDSM can often be very physically demanding and require a lot of energy. If you have any pre-existing health conditions you should have disclosed these to Me when booking. If you haven't then alert Me ASAP! It is vital that you take any necessary medication before the session and bring any medications, such as inhalers, with you to your booking.

Subs who turn up showered and dressed neatly always go down well with any Dominatrix. There is nothing worse than being in a close space with someone for an hour or more who hasn't paid attention to their personal hygeine! In saying that, don't overdo the aftershave either... It can be equally as nauseating to inhale chemicals as it can be to inhale body odours. 


4. Know what to do on the day

If you aren't sure of or can't remember My protocol, I won't be chasing you up. It's your responsability to read My website and make sure you know what needs to be done. I have a lot of sessions cancelled as subs forget to confirm their attendance, or confirm late. It's crucial to confirm by the stated time as I need to know whether I need to get ready or not. I also have to travel a fair distance to the Maison, and I do not want to travel there for nothing. 

Make sure you bring the correct session fee in exact cash. You will need to head to an ATM or a bank to withdraw money and I will not give extra session time if you haven't brought the correct amount or can't access an ATM. To make a good impression you can tip Me on top of the session fee or bring along a small gift - just nothing non-vegan or flowers!


Let's session soon...

Goddess Erryn


Posted on 24th July 2018

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