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What August has in store


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2018 has already been a year of plans for Me. I've been working hard to produce content, I've been taking sessions with some new clients, and I've been working on the long-awaited House of Hex which will be My personal, private BDSM dungeon. August will be the start of My 'full time' adult industry work and I cannot wait!

Although I'll be taking sessions Monday through Saturday I will only be accepting a maximum of two sessions each week. I have several other projects planned and slave boys always come second to My plans, which I'm sure you know by now. I will be taking some time off from August 10th to August 15th to celebrate My birthday in style. The only correspondence I expect from slaves during this time is for them to lay money at My regal feet.

Content production will increase from August, too. I will be releasing clips on Monday and Thursday each week instead of just Thursday. Phone lines will be turned on 10am-5pm Monday to Thursday and online sessions will be available Tuesday to Thursday each week. This leaves Me time (and energy) to still plan My other projects, which are both vanilla and kinky.

As My dungeon is set to open in September, August is a crucial month for Me. I will be getting the last of the items I need and finalising a lease for the premesis. I am still hoping to open on September 15th of this year.

How are you going to help Goddess succeed in August?


Posted on 16th July 2018

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