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As a Dominatrix, one of the most important parts of My job is confidentiality and My clients' privacy. But I expect that to go both ways! It can be extremely frustrating when clients don't realise this.


Imagine this: you're out for a relaxing meal with your family. You're gleefully minding your own business when you see Me at the same restaurant. Your mind instantly flashes back to our session together - you tied up on the bondage bed, clamps on your nipples, a gag in your mouth... And you start to sweat. Surely I won't invade your privacy by approaching you, right?

Now imagine that I do acknowledge you and I do approach you, surrounded by your family, when you're rightfully living your personal life. You'd be embarrassed, angry and at a loss for words, wouldn't you? You'd be surprised that My professionalism was so lacking that I would invade the private life of one of My clients.

When it's in reverse and clients do that to us, it's equally as uncomfortable. So is receiving a text or email from a perfect stranger to tell you that they saw you yesterday at this specific time. Dommes have personal lives like any other person, and I'm willing to bet that if you saw the girl who served you in Nando's, you wouldn't approach her. That would be creepy, right? So stop fucking doing it to us.

Moreover, if you approach a sex worker when they're with a group of people you don't know who they're out to or if approaching them will put them in a sense of danger. I know sex workers who have felt unsafe in their local area after receiving messages from clients saying that they saw them in public so 'they must live close by'.

Subs, clients, and everyone in between... Respect our privacy as we respect yours.


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 3rd April 2019

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