Goddess Erryn Hex

Am I Really A Witch?


This is a question I get asked a lot by subs, particularly those who have bought My spelled photos or who are into Satanic play. So here is the true answer to that question...


Yes, I am a witch. Speficially I practice death witchcraft, meaning that My area of expertise is linked to all things death related. My bedroom and alter are littered with bones and taxidermy, I have icons of death deities, I have crystals, I have tarot cards, I have a book of spells and potions. You'll often find Me, when not in the dungeon, in local cemeteries carrying out basic maintenance - without being asked to do so - and leaving gifts for the spirits that reside there.

My witchcraft has nothing to do with My Satanism, in fact the two never cross paths. I often get asked if I can hex or curse someone, and again the answer is no. I will personally never use 'magic' to invite harm on someone. 

Choose to believe Me or not, but I'm going to be here witchin shit up!


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 13th March 2019

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