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Hexmas Advent Calendar


With the festive season fast approaching, I'm deciding to change up My Hexmas Advent Calendar this year by switching the idea from a daily task to a daily gift that I want from My wishlist, or a small tribute amount.


For those of you who are considering taking part but are concerned about costs, every item/tribute will be £20/$25 or under. You can partake in every day or pick and choose what days you take part. There will not be a charge for taking part but you will be expected to purchase the gift or send the tribute for the day you select. You have 24 hours to purchase which gives you plenty of time. Unfortunately if you don't send within the 24 hours you will be blocked from taking part in future days, though you can still send Me items from My wishlists or send Me tribute, it just won't be as part of My game.

To make things more fun, I'll be giving away a little gift of My own to the sub who successfully completes the greatest number of days. The prize will include 1 month on My OnlyFans, one of My seasonal HD videos, and a discounted dungeon session to use in January 2019 (if you aren't able to take the dungeon session you will be given the option of a webcam session instead). However, the dungeon session will only be available if you complete all 24 days of the calendar!

My advent calendar will be running from December 1st through to December 24th and will contain a mix of small gifts that I want, giftcard amounts, or cash tributes. The contents of the door cannot be swapped or replaced - ie: if I ask for a giftcard I don't want you to tribute the amount through Circle Pay instead.

The game can be played no matter where you are in the world! I will take payment in GBP through apps as well as USD through clip sites. Giftcards can easily be purchased from the websites as they accept all major credit/debit cards.

Are you ready to play?


Goddess Erryn


Posted on 19th November 2018

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